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Berrien County is storm ready

January 29, 2003

Nashville - When stormy weather strikes, Berrien County is ready.

"We're more prepared to handle any damage from a storm and have a better ability to see when the storm is coming and save live," said R. H. Warren, Berrien Emergency Management Director.

In order for a county to be storm ready certified, several safety precautions must be taken. First, all public works employees must be certified as storm spotters. "They teach us to identify the formation of the clouds and what kind of storm may be brewing in the clouds," said Warren.

The next step in being storm ready is having weather radios in all schools, county offices, hospitals, and most businesses. A county's EMA office is also required to have a DTS system in place. This system allows Warren to track severe weather all over the country.

Berrien County residents say the storm ready certification makes them less fearful of severe weather.

"It makes me feel a lot safer, especially with my children being enrolled in school," said Tonya Tressler. "If a storm is coming, we'll know in plenty of time and they can come home or seek shelter at the school."

Warren says once a storm is spotted, all school systems, law enforcement and medical personnel will be immediately notified, and the county will be more than prepared to keep residents safe.

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