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ADICA board member to repay $50,000 grant

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The beleagured ADICA Board met Wednesday evening and board member LaJuana Woods offered to pay back a $50,000 facade grant she received. Woods wrote in an e-mail to Interim ADICA Director James Taylor that she will pay it off in increments over the next year. Board members continue to deal with problems created by fired CEO Don Buie.

Well, interestingly enough, the only board member who's not in the meeting taking place in the government center behind me is LaJuana Woods. Her seat is empty. Even so, she has seemed to make the biggest impact here today. Releasing an email that he received from her today, Assistant City Manager James Taylor read to the board that she does, in fact, plan to pay her entire $50,000 façade grant back.

He read, "It is not my intent, nor that of my business to participate in any known form of unlawful activity. Since it has been determined that the façade grants were not lawfully issued, I've decided to return all the grant funds."

Now here is how she has proposed to repay that $50,000 in her façade grant money: Starting this month, in September, she plans to pay $2500 per month through December. Then after that, she'll up it to $5000 a month until it's paid off, which will be around August of 2010.

Other than LaJuana Woods, not being here today, Jane Willson read a prepared statement to the board where she said "We now know our most recent Executive Director may have been determined to be dishonest and even if he's not proven to be dishonest, he was at the very least grossly incompetent."

But she says folks should not through the baby out with bathwater, referring to the ADICA organization. While it may need to reorganize, she says it does not need to dissolve, that this organization has done a lot of good for the community and she hoeps it can continue to do that.

 We're also hearing word that just moments ago, this board voted to evict the businessman in the Dollar Square, Tim Washington.

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