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Woman gets wise to scam check offer

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An elderly Albany woman was almost conned out of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, her daughter figured out a check was bogus.

Kathy Miller's 88-year old mother got this check and a letter claiming she won a $50,000 drawing. The check was to pay for "non-resident" taxes. All she had to do was deposit it in her bank account, wire them the money, and they claimed she'd get another much larger check in the mail.

Miller works at SOWEGA Council on Aging, and she and her co-workers figured out the scam before her mom's bank account took a major hit.

"You deposit it, then you come back, you call them, they tell you where to send a money gram to them for the taxes. By the time you get the money out, you send it, this check is no good. It bounces, so you're going to be out whatever money you have sent."

Anytime you receive a check you're not expecting, especially if you are told to send money back for it, you should treat it as a scam.


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