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H1N1 signs may be popping up at area businesses

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Don't be surprised if reminders to wash your hands, practice proper cough etiquette, or keep out if you're sick start showing up at south Georgia businesses.

The Southwest Georgia Health District has had a few requests for help from businesses who want to remind customers not to spread H1N1 germs. So the health department is making signs available so businesses can offer gentle reminders to customers. Health officials say it's a good way to deal with a virus that's highly contagious.

"You'll begin to see more and more if you haven't already places that will have a hand washing sanitizer, or the wipes, or the masks that are readily available and that's just in some places good customer service because the customers knows you're looking out for them," said Carolyn Maschke, Southwest Georgia Health District.

Health officials say some doctors offices have gone so far as offering beepers so those who aren't sick don't have to be stuck in a waiting room with coughing or sneezing patients. For more information log onto www.southwestgeorgiapublichealth.org or contact Carolyn Maschke with the health department.

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