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Cars go missing from Albany driveways

Benjamin Holmes  (Source: Dougherty Co. Jail) Benjamin Holmes (Source: Dougherty Co. Jail)
Darrell Gullige (Source: Dougherty Co. Jail) Darrell Gullige (Source: Dougherty Co. Jail)

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Junk cars are being sold for salvage, but without the owners OK. They're being towed and sold without the owners' permission. Thieves looking for extra cash are targeting junk cars and selling them to salvage yards where they are crushed.  

"No permission to take the vehicle, no. They did not have permission to take that vehicle," said Michael Allen, whose car was stolen.

The Dodge Acclaim Allen had for sale on this lot suddenly went missing. It wasn't new, but was in mint condition. When it disappeared, he immediately called police. "After we did the report I started doing my own investigation."

A man who lived in the area, saw someone tow the car away, so Allen tried to figure out just where it went. "I went around to different junk yards and tried to find out who owned that wrecker."

His car ended up here at ACS in Sylvester. And what condition was it in? "They has already crushed the car," he said. "It was not drivable. It was no good."

Albany Police arrested Darrell Gullige, who towed the truck away. He's been charged with theft by taking, as has Benjamin Holmes who was paid $120 for the car. A car that didn't belong to him.

APD Sgt. Maurice Jones says this type of crime isn't new. It happened in Albany until stricter policies were put in place. "It's not a problem here in Albany, but now the tow-truck driver is taking them out of Dougherty County to another county, so that's where we find them at, in other counties."

"Somebody's just going around and picking up cars that they think are abandoned and taking them and selling them for junk. I guess people are just stealing now. I don't know why, they're just stealing," said Allen.

Stealing his ride, and riding away with cash for other people's cars. The manager of ACS in Sylvester where two stolen cars have recently been crushed,  told us late today that he collects all the paperwork required by state law.

He says he also plans to start taking pictures of people selling cars to his salvage yard.

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