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Students discuss state of union

January 28, 2003

Albany- Professor Dankwa's political science students watched intensely as President Bush delivered his State of the Union address to an entire nation.

The first part of the speech focused on domestic issues, something that was a priority for many of the students.

Senior, Janerrah Jones said she would have liked to hear the president address more issues concerning affirmative action and education. Michael Jarrett, a freshman in the class, argued that Bush should focus on problems plaguing the United States before tackling issues overseas.

Still with war looming in the air, Bush made certain to present his case against Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

Whether the issue is foreign, domestic, or war-related politicians aren't the only ones putting the President under the microscope.

Many students say they were particularly interested in Bush's plans to boost the economy and create new jobs since they will be entering the workforce soon.

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