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Will Wildcats stay in Albany?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Will the South Georgia Wildcats be back to play in Albany next season? Even though the city approved a new contract with the team in July, owners still haven't signed it, and late Tuesday afternoon, Wildcats Managing Partner Silvio Fazzini asked the city to extend its current contract which expired Monday.

The city may not be able to do that though since that contract was with Arena Football, which no longer operates the Wildcats. Fired ADICA CEO Don Buie may have also thrown a wrench into the negotiations.

Officials with the team tell city leaders Buie promised them up to $100,000 to put Wildcats team offices in the old Churchwell building on North Washington Street. Those promises were never put in writing, however, and won't be honored by the city.

City Manager Al Lott said, "We have given them the contract for their signatures and approval and we have not gotten it back. The contract with Arena Management expires today, I've been told, based on the way our rules and regulations work here and contract law, then our arrangements and agreements expire with them today."

Lott has been told that arena league management may have changed since earlier negotiations with the Wildcats. If that's true, the city may have to renegotiate.

We tried to contact Managing partner Silvio Fazzini and General Manager Ryan Nolen Tuesday, but they did not return our calls.

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