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Break-ins worrying neighbors in Albany's Eagle Trace Subdivision

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Thieves are targeting an Albany neighborhood.

About a half dozen homes have been broken into in the Eagle Trace subdivision in the last few weeks. The bold thieves are breaking in during daylight hours.

Neighbors are fed up. At least a dozen of them have put in security systems in the last two weeks.

The Albany Police Department's leadership meets every two weeks to talk about trouble spots around town and crime statistics. In areas where they see an increase they label it a hot spot. With a half dozen break-ins, the Eagle Trace subdivision has become just that.

Aaron Dunlop thought his Eagle Trace home was safe while he was at work, a week ago that wasn't the case.

"I walked through the front door and looked up and my back door had been busted in, the deadbolt was busted, they kicked in the door," said Aaron Dunlop.

Thieves got away with a 52 inch plasma TV, a gaming system, a laptop, cash, and a little piece of his security.

Aaron's not alone even with all these homes and all theses cars and people home during the day over the last two weeks three homes on this side of the street have been broken into during the day.

"I think our neighborhood is being preyed on really because the same things are happening," said Dunlop.

A woman in the 2800 block called Central Monitoring after her home was targeted Saturday, she was only gone an hour.

"Evidently they're putting some time and energy in taking a look and seeing what our schedules are so we've been advising folks in our security evaluations to kind of changes things up a little bit," said Shannon Smallwood, Central Monitoring.

Simple things, like changing what time you leave or come home. Security experts say the privacy fence in the back could be helping shade crooks from police patrolling the neighborhood.

"Don't be afraid to be a nosey neighbor. We need those extra set of eyes and ears out there in the community. This is your neighborhood, you know who frequents your neighborhood, you know who does not frequent your neighborhood," said Phyllis Banks-Whitley, APD Media Manager.

While the neighborhood doesn't have an organized watch group, Aaron Dunlop is watching his back and his neighbors.

"Now I'm inside my house and I set my alarm when I'm home by myself in broad daylight which is really ridiculous," said Dunlop.

Albany Police say the thieves are after big ticket electronics. You can mark your items to make them easier to recover if they are stolen.

You can go to the city's website and fill out a form and police will either come to your home or you can make an appointment to bring your items in and have them engraved so they're easily identified.

Albany Police will also help you set up a neighborhood watch program and conduct a safety assessment of your home.

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