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Douglas escapes a natural gas nightmare

January 28, 2003

Douglas - Just before 10:00 Tuesday night, a crew repaired a natural gas line that ruptured in Douglas. Around 3:00 Tuesday afternoon, a bulldozer plowed through the Southern Natural Gas Company line that supplies the entire City.

Crews placed a clamp on the line hoping to stop the leak. If that didn't work, the city would have run out of natural gas by Wednesday.

"We are operating entirely on a back-up line," said Natural Gas Director Eddie Harp around 7:00PM. "The back up line can supply Douglas's 2,800 customers with natural gas for only a few days."

To conserve gas, Harp shut off service to the city's major plants such as the Gold Kist Poultry plant and put all other businesses on stand-by. "We are going to have to shut-off service to restaurants and other businesses to make sure our residential customers will have gas as long as possible," said Harp.

Dairy Queen owner Johnny Spell was crossing his fingers that he would have natural gas Wednesday morning. "We could make barbecue and ice cream, but not hamburgers and french fries," said Spell.

The city then put its hope on crews trying to clamp the pipe. Luckily the clamp worked, and the city dodged a close bullet.

The clamp will be used to secure the natural gas line until summer when Southern Natural Gas Company will remove the ruptured piece and replace it.

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