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Worth County's triple threat

^ Coach Col. Wayne Kirkbride ^ Coach Col. Wayne Kirkbride
^ Brian McGahee and Joey Knox ^ Brian McGahee and Joey Knox
^ Will Knox ^ Will Knox

January 29, 2003

They call them the murderer's row of high school wrestling. "(We just) Go after the guy and rip him apart," sophomore Joey Knox said. They're the kings of pin and masters of the mat.

In fact, Worth County's Brian McGahee and Will and Joey Knox may be the best trio in the entire state. "This is my murderer's row, Knox, Knox and McGahee," Worth County head coach Wayne Kirkbride said.

Their records speak for themselves. Will Knox, the lone senior of the group, is 43 and 5 this year wrestling at 140 pounds. His career win total of 152 wins is a new school record. "I'm glad I have those five losses because it keeps me in perspective on how I always have to work a little harder to beat these guys I haven't been able to beat," senior Will Knox said.

 His younger brother Joey, just might be the best of the bunch. Just a sophomore, the 135 pounder is 42 and 1, with 93 career wins and a one track mind. "I have a medal from second place hanging in my room. It's just hanging from the ceiling, from the center of my bed, and every time I wake up in the morning and see that medal it just gets me up in the morning, gets me going," sophomore Joey Knox said.

And then there's McGahee, the junior who transferred to Worth County after winning the state title his freshman year at Atlanta's Mceachern High. McGahee's record may be the worst of the three at 42 and 6, but the 145 pounder is by no means a slouch. Brian McGahee said, "I know what it takes to push somebody to take it to the limit because I was a state champion my freshman year. I'm just trying to push them so they can reach that goal too."

But what makes this bunch even more unique is that they're not only unstoppable on the mats, but they're inseparable off them. "We're always talking about wrestling. There's nothing we never talk about besides wrestling, that's our life. We work so hard at it and we want to achieve our goals," McGahee said. Truly a winning combination.

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