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Marine Reservists prepare to leave

January 28, 2003

Albany- About 120 Marine Reservists say good-bye to their family and friends at the Albany Marine Base today. The reservists are headed to Camp LeJeune to support Operation Enduring Freedom.

"I'll miss him. I love my daddy," said 9-year-old Megan Clark. Megan had to say good-bye to father Staff Sergeant Mark Clark of Tallahassee.

"I'm scared I won't see him again," said Clark's wife Debbie. "The hardest part is leaving our families. It harder on them than it is on us," Staff Sgt. Clark.

Clark is one of about 120 Marine Reservist activated in support of Operation Enduring Freedom this week. "The marines were expecting this," said Major Thomas Fisher. "We just didn't know when it would happen." These marines are part of the 4th Supply Battalion. They prepare and issue personnel equipment needed for ground force operations. "We basically tear stuff apart and fix it," said Clark. "We're not scared. We'll do our job for our country, and then we'll come home."

"I'm scared about not see him for a long time," said Clark's other daughter Chelsea. "We'll take care of each other and wait for daddy to come home," echoed Debbie. Knowing they could be gone for two years, these marines say leaving behind family is harder than going to war.

The marines were issued gear and got anthrax shots Tuesday. They don't yet know when they'll leave for North Carolina.

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