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South Georgians warn about scam attempts

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Scammers are trying two new cons in South Georgia to take your money.

A Grandmother wants to warn you about a scam claiming that you can get federal stimulus money.

Dorothy Walker says her cousin told her that lots of people are signing up for one thousand dollars in grocery money from the stimulus plan.

A caller claims you can get the money if you call a number and give your bank account.

Dorothy knew immediately it was a scam. "Obama is giving one thousand dollars away. And you can get it in your account, but have to have a debit account. And give your debit card number, because Obama only wants $3.99 for processing fee," said Walker.

Walker said she has heard lots of relatives and neighbors talking about this scam and wants to warn people not to fall for it,  the President is not giving away grocery money.

A Worth County man has a warning tonight about credit card scammers. John Gaskin got a call Wednesday from a man offering him a lower rate on his credit card.

The fast talking con artist asked for Gaskin's account number. But Gaskin's didn't fall for it.

"And without thinking they might run out there and give them the card number. At that point it's too late. They've got your number and they can commit whatever fraud that they want to, " said Gaskin.

Gaskin hopes other South Georgians will be wise and not fall for such scams.

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