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New: Second body discovered

Still no ID on body

January 27, 2003

Albany-- A second body has been found inside a burned Albany building. One body was found in the building last Friday.

Now authorities are back on the scene with this afternoon's second body. We have little information on how long both bodies had been in the building when found. 

No identity has been determined yet on the man whose body was found inside a burned building Friday.

Police believe the man was homeless. He was inside a building in an alley on West Oglethorpe that was being torn down. The building had burned two weeks earlier and investigators think the fire was started by homeless people trying to stay warm.

“There were some burns on this gentlemen's body, in addition to multiple broken bones,” said Albany Fire Chief James Carswell. “The burns were consistent with the man being exposed to a fire, but not to the degree to have caused him to lose his life.”

Travis Gaskins, the owner of the demolition company that found the body, says he is sure the man died in the fire. “The victim had second or third degree burns on 90 percent of his body,” said Travis Gaskins of DMC General Contractors. “So there was no chance at all that we had anything to do with it.

Gaskins says he is “positive” that the man died in the fire. Demolition of the building behind Moree Motors continued Monday morning, but with a Police Investigator watching closely.

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