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"Slammer" worm-- what is it?

January 27, 2003
by Dave Miller, from Internet reports

Undated-- The W32.SQLExp. worm was detected in the Internet on Saturday in various nations, globally. The worm generates massive amounts of information, leading to an overload of servers and routers, thus clogging network traffic.

This worm does not infect your home computer, and it does not send any e-mails, but it infects computers running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000.

This can affect big companies and can even cause ATM’s to lose service.

Similar to the Code Red worm of 2001, it never writes itself to the hard drive, but operates in the machine’s memory. As the worm does not infect any files, an infected machine can be cleaned by simply rebooting the machine.

However, it will soon get reinfected if the machine is connected to the network without applying SP2 or SP3 patches for MS SQL Server.

So, what's the cure for this worm?

posted at 3:25PM by dave.miller@walb.com

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