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Gang 'alert' may have been a ploy

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Gang Task Force says Wednesday's gang alert at colleges and high schools could have been a ploy to throw off police. The D. A. promises to prosecute whoever called in the threat if they're caught.

Police continued heightened security around Darton College, Albany State University, and the high schools.

A call to the Sheriff's Office Wednesday warned of gang shootings on campuses. Law enforcement throughout the city mobilized to secure the schools, and there were no incidents.

Thursday The Gang Task Force Commander told community leaders that gang leaders may have been trying to fool Police with the warning. 

"Somebody called in and said it was just some bad information," said Albany Police Gang Task Force Commander Captain Mack Green. "They were trying to get all the units to go into one area. That didn't happen."

"Basically we are going to seek terroristic threat charges and that type of prosecution we'll be looking at. Because it is an effort to try to bring terror and alarm to the community."

Law enforcers say they'll continue heightened security around campuses the rest of the week.


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