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It's Super bowl Sunday

January 26, 2003

Albany- Haylee Gerbert is dusting off one of six television screens at Boxer's. The bar is hosting their first annual Superbowl Party, and they expecting large crowds.

Gerbert says, "I love a good party. We expect a lot of people, and I don't mind cleaning up to make sure everything is ready."

It's Superbowl night, and managers at Applebee's say alcohol sales will skyrocket.

Applebee's manager, Derrick Wooten, says not only will alcohol sales increase, but they had to bring in more workers just to handle food orders and to go orders.

Wooten adds, "This is one of our biggest nights. People are happy because they can come in and drink and watch the game at the same time."

While area restaurants and bars will be packed , many say even though they aren't big football fans, on Superbowl Sunday, even they have love for the game.

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