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Girl saves friend from choking

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany sixth grader saved the life of one of her friends. That friend was talking and laughing and eating in a hallway at Deerfield Windsor school... when she choked on Chex Mix.

Fortunately, one of her best friends was in a room nearby and came to her rescue. 6th grade student Tarah Young is quiet, and unassuming. It's that cool, calm and collected demeanor that helped her spring into action last week when a friend was choking.

"I knew I couldn't breathe in that well or breathe out and it was stuck in my throat," said Heather Cox.

Heather Cox and her friend Ashley Murphy were running through the hallway, when Heather started choking, Ashley immediately ran to get help.

Ashley said, "I didn't really want to have to do the Heimlich because the only time I've done it was on my sister and I made her choke by doing it, so I was scared to do that so I just went and got Tarah."

Tarah was in the cafeteria doing homework. When she heard Heather was in trouble, she sprang into action.

"I ran down the hallway and Heather gave me a signal and I was able to recognize it and then I said turnaround and them I started the Heimlich and she was able to spit out the left over Chex mix," said Tarah.

Tarah says she just did what she knows Heather would do for her. Tarah said, "It makes me feel really proud and the most important thing is that I got to help a friend."

Dad Coley Young says he's not surprised at his daughter's actions, just filled with pride. He said, "As a parent, you are always proud when your children do extraordinary things. Obviously this was an extraordinary thing that Tarah did."

Saving the life of a friend in need. After Heather's choking episode, students in PE classes at Deerfield were taught how to do the Heimlich maneuver in case they are ever around when someone chokes.

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