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Family searches for Lowndes Co. man

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BROOKS COUNTY, GA (WALB) - The family of a missing Lowndes County is stepping up the search for him.

Investigators have been looking for Keith Rocheleau since he disappeared three weeks ago, but those searches haven't turned up anything.

On Wednesday, his family and friends organized a search party. Keith Rocheleau's family and friends are searching through thousands of acres in a rural area of Brooks County.

Rocheleau's been missing since August 4.

"I hate to say this but I don't think he's alive," said Rocheleau's son Lucas Rocheleau.  

Rocheleau was taking care of this parents' Brooks County home while they were out of town, the night he went missing. 

 Investigators say he drove his red pick-up truck off Cooey road, then walked back to the house, got into his dad's truck and drove it into a ditch.

"Either he got off the road and got hurt maybe, even snake bite because it's just woods out there," said Rocheleau's ex-wife.  

Several items of Rocheleau's were found.

"In his parents' yard were his glasses, his cell phone, his hat, and then down the road he lost his shoes, said Dawn. "We found his shoes in two different places."

The Brooks County Sheriff's Office is investigating. They've done three searches using K-9s. 

"We've also used an aerial search with helicopters," said Lt. Keith Anderson, Brooks County Sheriff's Office. "We planned on doing another search with a helicopter at night with heat seeking devices."

Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of foul play.

"I'm leaning towards another theory which I cannot go into at this time but I do think if he's in the area still, he's not going to be visible," continued Anderson. "I think he'll be in a shallow grave or up under some brush."

Rocheleau's family vows to keep searching until they have answers. Rocheleau's son Lucas says it would be completely out of character for his dad to leave and not contact anyone.

If you have any information that could help investigators, contact the Brooks or Lowndes County Sheriff's offices.

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