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Body found in demo house

January 24, 2003

Albany- Investigators responded to a discovery at a local demolition site. Crews working in the 500 block of West Oglethorpe Alley found a body when they arrived to begin tearing down an abandoned house behind Moree Motors.

Authorities will have to wait for autopsy results to know for sure the cause of death.

On January 12th, the Albany Fire Department responded to a call at the same address. The fire was believed to have started by homeless people trying to stay warm.

Investigators say it's unlikely the person died in the January 12th fire. They won't say if the man could have been killed by the demolition crew or died from sub-freezing temperatures.

"We actually think that he went back inside after the fire sometime in the last two weeks," says Assistant Fire Chief James Carswell. "So, until the autopsy comes back, we really don't have any definite answer about any of this."

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