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Cold weather clothing leaves the racks

January 24, 2003

Albany- You may be out of luck if you're looking for gloves, coats and scarves to fight the cold, because area stores are almost out of stock.

At Walmart, bathing suits and other spring clothing are already on the floor, in the same spots where winter apparel was, just a week ago.

Walmart assistant manager, Don Reed, says, "We're almost out of everything, except for a few coats for little girls."

Walmart isn't alone. Target is having the same problem. Store managers say they hope the problem will be solved soon.

Kristi Wallis with Target says, "We are trying to get more merchandise from out northern stores really soon."

While winter clothes may be out of stock, many are finding other ways to stay warm, like standing in line to enjoy a bowl of soup at Terry Lee's Olde World Sandwich Shop.

Ellen Harris of Albany says, "I love the soup. It just warms me up inside." Pat Baxter adds, "I just couldn't wait to get a bowl, just to fight the chill."

While soup is helping people stay warm, some say they can't wait for summer to arrive.

Workers at Target say they are trying to get more winter clothes on the shelves to accommodate customers.

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