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Inmate nearly beaten to death in Grady county

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GRADY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - A Grady County inmate is on life support tonight after a brutal jail attack.

Wade Harry was attacked by another inmate Friday night and severely beaten in the head. He underwent surgery Monday.

Now the GBI is investigating how this beating could have happened at a county jail.

Wade Harry's family spent their weekend at Archbold Memorial Hospital watching their loved one lie helpless in a hospital bed.

"He's in a coma, he's doing pretty bad," said his son, Wade Harry.

Friday night just before 8, investigators say Grady county inmate Ricky Reynolds attacked inmate Wade Harry, causing severe brain damage and nearly killing him.

"He got knocked down, and he passed out. He hit the concrete and then he just kept kicking him in the head," said the victim's son Harry.

Harry was taken to the hospital where he was put on life support.

Monday he went through surgery where doctors tried to remove the fluid build up in his brain.

"It's a sad situation, and something needs to be done," said the victim's son.

Harry was in the Grady county jail on a misdemeanor charge for violating his probation. Reynolds was in jail for burglary and criminal damage to property.

"I don't know why he was put in a pod with someone that is capable of doing this," said Harry.

Sheriff Harry Young says his jail was fully staffed Friday night, and says his officers responded as fast as they could.

"Just one verbal word can set someone off. And it's really hot in there, there is no air conditioning, and you are going to see more fights when it's hot," said the Sheriff.

The GBI was called in to take over the investigation. They are still trying to determine the motive of the fight, and whether anyone else was involved.

"I just hate it for the family, I know they are grieving," said Sheriff Young.

"I just hope the guy that did this is charged with murder and never ever released from prison," said Harry.

 Sheriff Young says the jail is full right now with 140 inmates and that's nearly double the number of inmates the jail typically holds.

Family members tell us the doctors should know in the morning whether today's surgery will help.

Ricky Reynolds, the accused attacker, has not yet been charged.


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