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Two Albany men arrested with 11 pounds of pot

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Drug agents busted two Albany men as they picked up almost 12-pounds of marijuana shipped to Albany.

30-year old Christopher Robinson and 26-year old Abner Stephens were arrested in East Albany Monday morning after they picked up the package shipped from Arizona.

The commercial package company detected the pot and alerted the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit.

Drug agents seized this huge ball of marijuana that was wrapped in plastic wrap and garbage bags that were lathered in axle grease and motor oil to cover up the scent.

A.D.D.U. Commander Major Bill Berry said  "What they do is put the grease. We've seen mustard. We've seen dryer sheets, static free dryer sheets. I've seen pepper, like you would put on food, mixed in here to try to camoflague the odor. Thinking the dog will not alert on it. But the dog is able to pick up through even that."

The pot had a street value of $53,000. Drug agents also seized the Ford Expedition that Robinson and Stephens were driving.

Arizona authorities have been alerted and are tracking who shipped the marijuana.
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