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Power supply a concern in cold

January 23, 2003

WORTH CO. -- Xavier Moss braved near freezing temperatures last weekend without power, so did the Page family, "It was cold, I can imagine what tomorrow is going to be like," Sandy Page said.

It was warmer then, but still too many heaters being turned on at the same time caused a substation to peak and overload. So now, Worth County Emergency Management Agency is taking no chances. They've got a game plan to bus in as many as 80 people to the fire department where they have an emergency generator. Other emergency shelters are also being lined up.

"Maybe we won't need to house anyone, but if we need to we'll be ready and available to do so," Lynn Ford said. 

At the substation on County Line Road they've adjusted the settings to allow for more load, but with electricity demand expected at an all time high, they are predicting other problems across the state.

"When temperatures are low, demand is higher, it will tax system, all utilities are concerned and monitoring their systems," Mitchell EMC's Evera Moye said.

But they need your help too, Moye said. "People need to monitor their usage, rather than being tempted to boost their thermostat, they should put on a sweater."

What will the Page family do if they are once again left in the cold? They'll rely on the old fashioned fireplace. 

Another way to help reduce the demand put on electricity transmission grids this weekend, try to use high-powered appliances at non-peak hours. That means doing your laundry late at night or early in the morning.

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