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The Parks at Chehaw gear up for cold weather

January 23, 2003

Albany - When the mercury drops, you should bring your pets inside. But that's not easy when your pet weighs more than a 5 tons and is more than 10 feet tall. The elephants and other animals at the Parks at Chehaw also are facing a night of frigid temperatures.

Zoo keepers are taking steps to keep these critters warm and healthy. "Just because the elephants originate from Africa doesn't mean they can't handle the cold," said Park Director Glenn Dobrogosz. "The Sub-Sahara region gets very cold at night, so the elephants aren't really affect."

The Parks at Chehaw are still bringing the massive elephants and most of the other animals inside over night. "They all have heated cages or barns where they can go to stay warm," said Dobrogosz. Winter weather only becomes a problem when the temperature remains below freezing for more than a few days, and here in South Georgia that just doesn't happen very often.