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Truck accident puts emergency workers in the cold

January 23, 2003

Camilla - When you think of getting warm, a fireplace may come to mind. Inside the fireplace are logs. But today, a truck load of logs caused emergency workers to get cold.

Camilla Firefighters and police officers called out to the cold weather to play a game of giant pick up sticks on US 19. Firefighter Bill Marshall says, "Waiting to get another trailer to get these logs up."

Just before ten Thursday morning, nearby Pizza Hut workers were startled when logs came crashing down. Employee, Willie Davis, says, "It shook Pizza Hut, all the lights. BOOM! I thought Advanced Auto Parts blew up. By the time I looked it was the truck."

The driver of the truck, Allen Willis of Moultrie, was taking his load of logs to Cordele, instead he had a little spill. He says, "I'll be in cold for a while replacing the fifth wheel on the truck."

Just like Willis, emergency workers did not have a choice but to brave the lower temperatures. Marshall says, "My body is sore, but you've got to get the job done, put up with it."

No one was injured, but frigid temperatures and chilly winds made for some frozen fingers and faces.

Willis says it's tough to drive big loads in strong winds, but he blames the accident on a shift in the wood causing his trailer to tip over. Willis was charged with failure to secure his load.

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