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Family prays for ‘baby boy’

Jaunary 23, 2003

America’s soldiers are as prepared as they can be for whatever happens in the Persian Gulf. The Army has trained them well.

But there isn't any training to prepare a mother or a father for the worry they'll feel when their son or daughter is called to duty.

A couple of Thomas County parents going through a difficult time. Andy and Mary Maxwell sit and watch for what news that can find on CNN... "We thought it would be Tuesday." Mary says of her son's departure. “Now it looks like it'll be the end of the week."

The want to find out when their son Chuck will be sent to Kuwait. "lt's very depressing for us," says Andy.

They came to Fort Stewart from Boston, Georgia, hoping to say goodbye to Chuck when he got on his deployment flight. "Like all family members, we're praying and we'll be worried. It's hard," says Andy.

Maybe just a little harder because this is a tight-knit family. "We've always been real close,” said Mary. “You don't mess with the Maxwells."

And Chuck is the youngest of four kids. "Mothers are going to worry about their children," Mary said.

"Well, we're gona worry, but in different ways," says dad.

Mary said, “Mine comes out"

"Well, I can't always Keep mine in either," Andy replied.

The Maxwells worried when Chuck went to Kosovo, but this is different. They know there is a real threat of war. "He told me not to worry. This is what they've been going through the training for."

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