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Congressman Bishop gets an ear full in Bainbridge

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - "We are telling you to vote no, we the people want you to vote no," said one angry crowd member at the Kirbo center at Bainbridge College on Thursday morning.

For nearly four hours, Congressman Sanford Bishop answered question after question. And listened to name calling, screaming, and constant interruptions from the audience.

"We the people are going to pay for the entitlements of the few," said another crowd member.

But despite the angry comments, Congressman Bishop was pleased with turnout.

"It's important, I want to know what their concerns are and what their feelings are," said Congressman Sanford Bishop.

And the feelings were made clear.

"There is going to be an uprising that makes the boston tea party look like a picnic, because we are tired of this," yelled one man.

Many people had the same opinions.

"Anything the government touches, bureaucracy increases," one woman said.

Some worry the public option will eventually lead to socialized healthcare.

"It's not a government take over of healthcare," argued Bishop.

Others said the bill is too confusing, and can be interpreted several ways. And some say we simply can't afford the public plan.

"We need less government. That will lower taxes and lead to more individual freedom."

Still, Sanford Bishop stood his ground, supporting healthcare reform.

"This bill is designed to promote choice and to provide affordable, accessible, healthcare to everyone not just those that can afford it," said Bishop.

Sanford Bishop stresses the proposed government option is just that an option.

But people in the audience were quick to argue. They worry that even though the plan may start as an option, private insurance companies won't be able to compete with it down the road.



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