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New superintendent defends education cuts

January 23, 2003

(Atlanta-AP) -- Georgia School Superintendent Kathy Cox says teacher pay raises will be impossible this year because of state budget cuts.

Republican Governor Perdue has proposed to cut $54 million from the state's schools.

Cox -- also a Republican -- defends Perdue's plan for no teacher raises, saying there simply isn't enough money. She said yesterday the decrease will not unduly harm education, which still would make up more than half of the state budget.

Other proposed cuts will reduce funding for foreign language classes in elementary schools and a statewide reading program. Perdue's education budget also includes some increases. The governor is calling for one and a half million dollars to put 36 principals in new schools.

He's also adding about two and a half million dollars to give pay raises to teachers who get National Board Certification -- a promise first made by former Governor Roy Barnes.

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