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Cold weather brings more people to shelters

January 22, 2003

Albany- Janne Myers has been living at the Salvation Army shelter for the past three months. Every morning when the shelter closes, she has no other choice but to face the bitter cold.

Myers says,"When I get up, it is so cold, and I have to put on as many clothes as I can, just to make it."

Myers says other homeless people hate for winter to roll around because it's hard staying warm, but she keeps her self busy by searching for jobs and an apartment. She adds, "I have been looking every where, and hopefully, something will work out."

Salvation Army Shelter Manager, Lurlene Batten, says even when the shelter gets crowded, she tries not to turn away anyone.

Batten says, "Our policy is that we don't turn anyone away." Batten says she hates when the shelter closes each day because she knows many people will end up sitting on the streets or underneath a bridge, just to keep warm.

Batten says, "We hate when we have to close those doors at seven because we know these people will suffer through the cold most of the day until we open back up. That's a long time."

Shelter resident, Janne Ellis, says she's doing her best to stay warm, and she hopes before long, her job and apartment searches will end, so she can escape the cold permanently.

The Salvation Army has twenty-eight beds for men, and eight for women. Residents, who follow the rules and actively seek employment, are allowed to stay for as long as they need to.

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