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Cash for Clunkers benefit Valdosta dealers

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The Cash For Clunkers program has given many new car dealerships a big boost in business.  Some used car dealers complain it's driving business away from them, but that's not the case on all used car lots. 

Car dealers are loving the cash for Clunkers program.

"We were able to sell over 50 customers that have been able to take a vehicle out of the market," said Cass Burch, Owner of Cass Burch.

In the beginning, used car dealers were unsure what to expect.

"Cash for Clunkers program has spurred an interest in changing cars but sometimes that program doesn't meet everyone's needs, said Jesse Cole, Imperial Auto Sales. "It doesn't fall into everyone's budget."

So people turn to used car dealers too.

"With these rebates it may be better to buy that brand new car but you may look at it and say I can buy one two years old with 20-thousand miles on it and save 15-thousand dollars on it," said Cole.

Cole says it's important to do the math to figure out what's right for you.

Cass Burch says sales have gone up tremendously for his business since the program started even used car dealers are noticing even more potential buyers coming through their lots.

"I''ve sold an awful lot of vehicles and make a lot of folks happy," said Burch. "I'm just hoping that we get paid by the federal government as they get all the details worked out." 

Burch encourages people to take advantage of the program over the next couple of weeks while the money is still available from the government.

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