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Trenches join outhouses in neighborhood

January 23, 2003

DOUGLAS -- When we first introduced you to Gary and Karen Brown last month, they were using an outhouse in their luxurious neighborhood. How are they doing now? The Outhouse is still in the driveway, but it's decorated with Christmas lights now.

Gary and Karen Brown haven't had to use it the past couple weeks, in part because it hasn't rained, but mostly because the County dug a series of ditches and trenches in their yard and across the street to divert some of the underground water out of their yard. But the homeowner's say that's not enough.

"The county's trying to cover it up at the taxpayer's expense, I don't think it's right, he should be made to repair his pond but nobody is enforcing it." Gary Brown said.

Coffee County is supposed to issue a citation to the pond owner Kyle Waldron for sedimentation and erosion violations. If he didn't then get the proper permits he could face fines or jailtime.

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