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Cold weather leads to more fires

January 22, 2003

Albany- As temperatures fall, people depend much more on heaters to keep warm. Deputy Fire Chief, James Carswell, with the Albany Fire Department, says, "Historically, as temperatures get lower, people depend on heaters, and we know fires are coming."

He says many people go wrong by using very unsafe measures just to fight off the winter chill. Carswell says, "People use everything from grills, to open ovens to space heaters for heat, which creates an enormous fire hazard."

He says it's very dangerous to leave space heaters and burning candles unattended because of the danger.

"Space heaters are not meant to heat an entire home, and you can't leave them unattended," adds Carswell.

Carswell says he hopes this year, more people will be cautious, so their homes and treasured memories, won't go up in flames.

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