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200 jobs are coming to Thomasville

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of new jobs are coming to Thomasville. Senior Life Insurance company, which is based in Thomasville, is expanding.

They're investing millions of dollars in a new corporate headquarters that will create 200 jobs.

Right now Senior Life Insurance company is cooped up in a small office that houses a little more than 80 employees.

But the company is growing quickly. That's why they're building a new office just down the road, and they plan on filling those offices with 200 additional people.

Soon 32 acres of dirt will lie underneath a two story, 40,000 square-foot building, that will serve as the new corporate office Senior Life Insurance.

"We're growing our sales offices around the country and we need more people to process those applications, pay commissions," says Nick Murray, senior vice president of Senior Life Insurance.

The $7 million project is good news for south georgia, bringing 200 new jobs to the community.

"They'll be good corporate jobs and sales jobs that will be a reliable income source for people here in Thomasville," says Murray.

"It's very good news, and we think it's great Senior Life has chosen to invest in our area especially during these times," says Don Sims.

Chamber of Commerce President Don Sims says the ripple effect of that many new jobs is huge.

"There will be another 500 service jobs that will come as a result of this," he says.

Senior Life got it's start in Thomasville back in 2000. Now the corporation has offices in 22 states, and D.C.

Even throughout the recent hazardous economic climate, they continue to grow.

"We have a conservative business model. Also we have a very easy, well-known type of life insurance product," says Murray.

An insurance product that will serve as a building block for the economic turn around south georgia needs.

"We anticipate Senior Life will really grow here, this is only the beginning," says Sims.

Construction on the new building began about a month ago but they just started laying the foundation last week.

The company anticipates the office being complete by September 2010.

Senior Life Insurance Company says the 200 hires won't happen all at once.

They are committed to that number over a three year period.

But they plan on accepting applications and hiring some new employees before the new building opens.


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