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APD gives out free gun locks

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nationwide, the number of gun owners is on the rise and Police are doing everything they can to make sure those guns are in the right hands and kept safe.

As part of that effort they're offering up a free piece of safety to gun owners in need.

Walter Brinson says he feel safer owning a gun, but says also worries about the safety of others when he knows his weapons are sitting unsecured in his house. "Well I got a grandson who is about 7 so I would feel better if they were locked if he's around the house."

That's why Brinson and several others dropped by the Albany Police Department Saturday and picked up a free gun safety lock.

Albany Police say there have been several burglaries where guns are being stolen from homes. Last month in just a two week time period police say 23 guns were taken from homes in Albany.

"It's really difficult to get the gun loose from the locks and it will give them extra harder work so hopefully they wont be able to take the gun," said Lt. James Williams at the Albany Police Department.

Police urge gun owners to take time and document their serial numbers just in case their gun is stolen or misplaced.

"Were asking the citizens to make extra sure they have their serial number documented so if a weapon is taken we have a serial number that goes into a national database and if we locate that gun the citizen will get their gun back and that's what were encouraging people to do," said James.

Recently police were able to recover 12 stolen guns and return them to the rightful owners, But the stolen guns that aren't documented may never be found.

"A lot of times they run up on guns and that's a good tool to go out on the street and you can easily sell it on the street because people are always looking for a deal on a gun." said Lt. Williams.

Police say if you buy a stolen gun on the streets you may be charged with "theft by taking" so if you are offered a deal that seems too good to be true think twice before accepting.

On Aug. 22, the department will offer "Operation Preventive Engraving" for items that are often stolen.

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