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Baby born early after mom is attacked

^Rowanda Wright ^Rowanda Wright

January 21, 2003

Fitzgerald-- Thirty-one-year-old Rowanda Wright and her boyfriend were leaving a parade celebrating Martin Luther King Junior's legacy about 6:00 Monday night. That's when Wright says at least four women attacked her, kicking her in the stomach. Rowanda Wright is the mother of a 3 pound, 3 ounce baby boy.

But a day later she still hasn't seen her baby, and the only thing she's had in her arms is the Bible she's been praying with, and the phone she's been using to check on him. "I want to see him, because they took him over to Tifton and I was still in surgery," said Wright.

The child, yet to be named, was due Valentine's Day, but was born instead on Martin Luther King Day, after what was supposed to be a city celebration turned into a vicious attack in front of the recreation center.

"Really embarrassing, everybody trying to have a good time and people want to show out," she said.

Wright says at least four women began kicking her in the stomach and left a scratch on her face, because she'd had a previous run in with one of them. Once she escaped, she thought she would be OK, until a few minutes later when she arrived at the police station and had pain in her stomach.

"Went to give a statement and told them I was hurting, if I hadn't got here in time they say my baby would've died."

Doctors at Dorminy Medical Center performed an emergency C-section, but things were still critical, so the infant was rushed to the larger Tift Regional Medical Center where he was put on oxygen. He's still in serious condition, but is said to be doing better.

Only now does the first time mom say she can start thinking about a name. She says she may name the baby after his father, Darrick Deshaurn.

25-year-old Shonda Crockett and 19-year-old Kaila Tawanna Hodge were arrested for their part in the fight and are being held Fitzgerald. Neither has been charged yet, because Fitzgerald police are still doing interviews and looking to make more arrests.

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