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Dana's decision

^ Dana Graydon ^ Dana Graydon

January 20, 2003

Dana Graydon is a very popular guy. The highly sought after recruit receives letters from school's all over the country on a daily basis. In fact ones from Kansas, Marshall and even Notre Dame have arrived at the Graydon household in the last month alone. Dougherty senior Dana Graydon said, "I would say ten coaches call within every five minutes. I mean, different coaches from different schools, even though I put their school out of the equation they still call. Just to see if there is a chance."

The battle for the Dougherty high linebacker though has been narrowed down to two schools, Florida State and Georgia. Graydon says he likes both schools for different reasons. Florida State for its loyalty. "They were pretty much one of the first big division one schools that recruited me and so I have to show them a little love like they show me love," Graydon added.

And Georgia for the opportunity that lies ahead. "With them losing three linebackers, that narrows the depth chart down a little bit and I've been taking that into consideration."

And there are some negatives. Over the weekend on an official visit to F.S.U. Graydon learned that the coach recruiting him, Joe Kines, was leaving to take the defensive coordinator position at Alabama. "And I found out Sunday morning, he met me at the door Friday at the hotel. (He said) 'How you doing, what's going on, I'm coach Kines.' I remembered him from camp this summer because I went there and then Sunday morning I woke up and they said he was going to Alabama."

So when Graydon says he honestly hasn't made up his mind believe it. "It's 50/40...nah, 60/40." Who's ahead? "I'm not saying (laughs), I'll keep that a secret."

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