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Building on the Dream

January 20, 2003

Albany-- This is the first year for "Build on the Dream." 

Albany is one of only 20 cities in the nation building a Habitat house in honor of the civil rights leader.

The Albany house will serve as a model for next year's "Build on the Dream".

Linda Fuller, wife of Habitat founder Millard Fuller, says the "Build on the Dream" concept honors Dr. King and what he stood for-- racial harmony.

Mrs. Fuller says the Albany chapter has set the example for other Habitat affiliates. "All of the houses going up this year stimulate interest in Build on the Dream for next year and we may have as many as 100 houses, I suspect many other affiliates in Georgia will participate because Albany has done a magnificent job."

Georgia has 65 Habitat for Humanity affiliates-- there are 1,500 nationwide.

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