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Cell phone dealers urge use of hands-free sets

January 20, 2003

Albany - A South Georgia cell phone dealer recommended drivers use hands-free cell phones long before state lawmakers started looking into the problem. Graylink Wireless, in Albany, urges customers to buy hands-free sets that are less distracting to drivers.

A new bill facing lawmakers allows police to charge drivers if they cause an accident while talking on the phone. But, a cell phone violation would come only as a secondary charge to an existing charge such as speeding.

"When have various types of hands-free sets," said Amanda Burns at Graylink Wireless. "We have one that doesn't have an ear piece. You just place the microphone in your car and talk."

The hands-free units cost anywhere from $19 to $130. Some states, including Florida, already have cell phone laws. The proposed bill doesn't allow police to pull you over just because you have the phone in your hand.

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