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Gas heaters can be a fire hazard

January 20, 2003

Valdosta - A gas heater is believed to have sent a Valdosta home up in flames Sunday night. Luckily, firefighters contained the blaze, no one was injured and the home wasn't completely destroyed.

Home Depot employee James Smith says with the recent cold temperatures, gas heaters have been flying off the shelves. But if the proper safety measures aren't taken, they can be deadly.

"People let dust collect on them, furniture could be too close to the heater, or a child could lay a toy down beside it and catch on fire," said Smith. "There are a number of things could cause danger."

The most important precaution you should take is making sure smoke detectors are properly installed. A few maintenance tips can also help.

"Keep the heater clean, make sure nothing is lying around it, and make sure you don't smell gas or any unusual smells from the heater," said Smith.

You should also never leave your heater on when you're away from home. Smith says gas heaters are not dangerous, but improper use creates the hazard. But following the proper safety tips will help keep your home out of harm's way.

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