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Habitat helps King's 'dream'

^ Rev. J. A. Severson ^ Rev. J. A. Severson

January 20, 2002

Martin Luther King's dream became reality in Albany Monday.

Hundreds of volunteers, some from as far away as Michigan, worked side by side, building a home for a family. It's part of Habitat for Humanity's "Build on the Dream" project that combines Dr. King's dream of equality with Habitat's dream of decent housing for all.

Joe Black, a Volunteer from Michigan says, "We started at 8:30 a.m. and already two walls are up. It's happening quick because everyone here wants to work.

Former Dougherty County Superintendent, Dr. John Culbreath, was out swinging a hammer, "I'm learning as I go and doing the best I can. But most of my nails have been straight so far." Sometimes a crooked nail needs to be straightened out, and here, everyone willingly lends a helping hand. Albany State University student Kenneth Holloman says, "It's made me feel really good. Some people had to help me along the way too. I feel I have to give back."

Each cut of wood, each hammer of the nail is bringing the dream of decent housing for all people a little bit closer. J. A. Severson, pastor at Union Baptist Church, says "Our church is excited to be part of this dream house. I think MLK would be happy to see the community coming together today as a whole. Both black and white to build a beautiful house."

Several Albany churches and businesses helped sponsor the "Build on the Dream" house.

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