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Albany remembers MLK

January 20, 2003

Albany- A trailblazer, leader and humanitarian are three words often used to describe the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King went on freedom rides to fight segregation and discrimination in many cities including Albany.

Rev. Lorenzo Heard at Greater Second Mt. Olive Church says King's visit got the ball rolling for change in Albany.

Heard says, "He helped Albany realize that a change was needed and necessary, but we still have a long way to go."

While in Albany, King was arrested with about seven hundred. In his autobiography, King says Albany was a symbol of segregation's last stand. Rev. Heard says King's message of love is a message that still is heard in black churches.

He adds, "The message of love will continue and King's message lives in the hearts of many Americans."

King was assassinated in 1968. He would have turned seventy-four this year. Monday, the City of Albany will hold the King 2003 Celebration at the Albany Civic Center at 5:30. Tickets are fifteen dollars.

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