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One beer at a time?

January 19, 2003

Albany- Right now Georgians can go into any gas station and buy an ice cold beer just as easily as they can buy a Coke, but a group of Georgia legislators wants that to become illegal.

South Georgians say the law may actually make things worse. "It's gonna force them to buy a 6-pack instead of one beer," says John Woodall, of Woodall's gas station.

"What their going to end up doing is buying a much larger portion, so if they are drinking and driving, they'll just be drinking more," adds Denise Louise Gunnels.

Some even say outlawing the sale of singles at gas stations will only make them more popular at other places. "If they're gonna drink, they're gonna buy it anywhere. It doesn't matter if they're doing it at a curb store or liquor store. They're gonna buy it either way, so I don't feel like it matters if they have it here or not," claims Anna King.

Others say the bill is more of a political move for the legislators. "As a new legislator it's very difficult to get started, and this is probably a good way to get their foot in that legislative door," says Gunnels.

Some of the people we spoke to who sell alcohol say that they'd rather not focus on the sell of singles, but focus on fake ID's something you need to purchase any size alcohol.

Despite the disapproval of South Georgians, the bill is in the hands of legislators. Representative Roger Bruce, who introduced the bill, says barrels of iced beer singles at gas station encourage impulse buying when paying for gas.

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