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Time to pay up

January 17, 2002

The South Georgia Waves may be on their way out of town, but the city of Albany wants to literally get their money's worth before they leave. In a conference call Friday morning Albany city attorney Al Grieshaber informed Waves owner David Heller and his attorney Ben Hayes that the Waves owed an additional 30,000 dollars in utilities for the 2002 season. The Waves already owe the city 28,500 dollars in rent for the second half of the 2002 season in the Paul Eames Complex.

The extra amount came as a surprise to Heller and Hayes because there was no mention of the Waves owing anything but the rent when Grieshaber and Hayes spoke on January 6th. Grieshaber told NewsCenter 10 on Friday that it was brought to his attention after that meeting that the utilities at the Paul Eames Complex had not been paid for the 2002 season. Grieshaber said the Waves agreed in principle to the terms and agreements of the lease when they arrived in Albany last March, and the utilities were part of those terms and agreements.

After the South Georgia Waves pay the amount owed to the city, Grieshaber said only then will he begin negotiating with the team on a new lease for the 2003 and possibly 2004 seasons.  Grieshaber said, "We did everything we could to get that stadium ready for the South Georgia Waves under these terms and conditions.  We did our part, we expect them to do their part."


The Waves open up their 2003 season home schedule April 7th against the Rome Braves.

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