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Bracing for the deep freeze

January 17, 2003

Albany- Cold weather is here, and temperatures may drop as low as 18 degrees.

Many South Georgians are dressing warmer, as well as finding ways to keep their houses toasty. South Georgians are trying to keep warm. Workers at Home Depot say it seems as though the low temperatures came out of nowhere, and now, they can't keep heaters on the shelves.

The chill of winter arrives in South Georgia this weekend, and most people plan to avoid the cold by staying indoors, so they're buying heaters.

Some like, T. Brimm have outdoor jobs and can't avoid the Arctic blast, so he bought an outdoor heater to help. Brimm isn't alone. Home Depot workers say the lower temperatures have helped increase their sales. Heaters and firewood are leaving the shelves so fast it's making heads spin.

Another way people are preparing is by getting their antifreeze checked. A-1 Radiator Service owner Jerry Holden says it's important because weak anti-freeze will not keep your car's engine block from freezing when the temperature really drops. If that happens, you'll learn and expensive lesson.

So from buying heaters to making sure your car is winter ready, South Georgians are doing all they can to get ready for the cold.

It is also important to get ready for low temperatures. To allow water to drip from outdoor faucets, so when you wake up your pipes won't be frozen. Temperatures are expected to be in the low temperatures all weekend, so remember to bundle up and keep warm.

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