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Randolph School Board drama continues

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

CUTHBERT, GA (WALB) - The board held its first meeting since a judge found the superintendent and board chairman in contempt of court for not letting other board members make motions or have items put on the agenda.

The judge sentenced the men to four days in jail, but an appeal has delayed that order.

Tuesday, three board members met at 1:00PM. Another board member, the chairman, and the superintendent did not. They are meeting Tuesday at 7:05.

And until the matter is resolved, The Randolph County School Board will continue to hold two separate meetings, per day, on the second Tuesday of every month.

Under the hot summer sun, the majority of the Randolph County School Board, Dymple McDonald, Don Smith, and James Mock, called their first meeting to order.

But why outside, not inside the board room?

"Mr. Jenkins has the board room locked, no one has the key and no one can let us in," said McDonald.

Back in January, the majority of the board voted to change the meeting times, from 7:05 to 1:00PM.

Tuesday, the majority of the board showed up. Board member John Davis, Chairman Henry Cook, and Superintendent Bobby Jenkins, did not.

Cook and Jenkins' attorney Maurice King spoke for his clients Tuesday, defending their reasons for locking other board members out.

"They have not done what is necessary to change the meeting. As far as we're concerned that is an illegal meeting," said King.

"They followed statutory procedure, and with majority vote, they have the right to change meeting times," argued Tommy Coleman, School Board Attorney.

But King argues the three board members made an illegal move by discussing plans for the change of meeting time prior to the meeting.

He also says it's all just another example of the board's racist agenda. "Why have a meeting time at 1:00, when most black people with children are working," said King.

Whatever the real motives are Tuesday proved that the saga continues.

Now the question is, is the education of the children, at stake?

"I don't like it for the kids, but in order to get things done, things changed, we have to do it and we'll continue to do it," said McDonald.

When we asked board members at the meeting what they wanted to change the most about Randolph County Schools, they said, the superintendent. They want him out.

The board will hold a hearing next Wednesday regarding the termination of Superintendent Bobby Jenkins.

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