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Bishop visits South Georgia school

January 17, 2003

Tifton-- "Give yourselves a round of applause," Congressmen Sanford Bishop congratulates students at J.T. Reddick Elementary for their extrordinary achievement.

Bishop was guest speaker at the school's Pride Day ceremony Friday, honoring all of these students wearing yellow ribbons.

"I got it for making all A's," P.J. Lewis said. 

Bishop lauded the schools top students, but had words of encouragement for the rest of the class. "You can do it too, don't give up."

Bishop's message of deciding early what you want to be, and taking the necessary steps to get there, hit home with students and teachers.

"You are who you want to be, that's what you are becoming," Kayle Stokes remembered Bishop saying.

"It's a small town, we never have someone big like that come here," student Jordan Winslow said.

"Students listen to us everyday, so they tune us out after a while," teacher Michelle McMillan said. "Having someone as important as him is definitely motivating."

Now in his fifth term, Bishop promises to show his commitment to education in federal funding and in person whenever he can.

"It's important to support our teachers and educational system in every way we can as well as the students."

Because even as only 4th through 6th graders these students are setting their goals high.

"To reach the unreachable star," the children sang.

Congressman Bishop also conducted an informal survey of the students career goals. The highest number wanted to be professional football players, last on the list, was becoming a teacher.

Bishop also says his new role on the House Appropriations Committee will boost South Georgia’s eceonomy. The committee controls the federal government’s purse strings, and Bishop and Jack Kingston are Georgia’s only members of the highly sought-after post. Bishop is vowing to use his influence to create fmoreeducation spending, and to enhance South Georgia’s transportation needs, and Homeland Security. He also wants to make sure farmers get disaster relief aid, after a tough 2002.

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