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Weekend outing turned into a frightening ordeal

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - What started as a weekend outing for a father and his two sons turned into a frightening ordeal and a major rescue effort on a South Georgia creek.

The family set out for a canoe ride down the Kinchafoonee, but they got stuck for hours.

"I was going to pick them up at the bridge and they were not there," said Vicki Logan, Mother.

Logan was supposed to pick up her eight-year-old and 11-year-old boys and their father after a day of canoeing.

"This was something new they were going to try," said Logan.

They got stuck in a remote part of the creek.

They entered the creek near the bridge on Hwy. 45 south of Plains at the Webster County line.

His wife called 911. Plains police and the Sumter County Sheriff called in more help.

"We summoned the help of the department of natural resources and the GSP helicopter," Sheriff Pete Smith, Sumter County.

Robert Logan and his older brother Joseph were in the canoe with their dad John.

They couldn't make it any farther down the creek and held onto a tree.

"My head was right beside a water moccasin," said Robert Logan.

They had a cell phone with them but the battery died. About four o'clock Sunday morning the chopper spotted them with the help of night vision cameras.

"First he said there was one person in the canoe, and that alarmed us," said Smith.

"They couldn't go any further and it was too dark for them to get out so my husband decided he was going to wait until daylight," said Logan.

Getting to that part of the creek wasn't easy for rescuers.

"We tried to get in there to them and we couldn't get in there to them," said Smith

A Sumter county investigator did get to the father and his two boys who were exhausted but alive.

Mrs. Logan says her boys will have to find another weekend activity because that first canoe trip down the Kinchafoonee will also be their last.


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