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Marriages and births decline due to economy

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A little over a year ago, Matthew Kennedy became a father. He says the experience was unforgettable but he says the expenses involved were unforgettable too. "The pampers the wipes clothes shoes socks all of that then when you get through with your child you still have to spend money on your groceries, your bills so its hard."

Nowadays, the economy has people cutting back, and according to a new report some people are thinking twice before having babies. Numbers released by the Center for Health Statistics show births are down nearly 2 percent nationwide.

But its not just babies people are cutting back on, fewer people are also saying "I DO". The number of marriages in Georgia declined nearly 10 percent in 2008, compared to a nearly two percent decline nationally.

Albany bridal consultants say they aren't seeing so much a decline in marriages but a change in the way brides are using their money.

"We've had to drop several companies because they have been going up so much and they are so expensive we carry nice companies but not so expensive," said Meagan Brown bridal consultant.

Local caterers people aren't holding as many extravagant receptions having weddings earlier in the day to cut back on band and DJ costs.

And there are more quick and easy courthouse weddings.

"we get some brides in here looking for not such a formal wedding dress to wear to the courthouse rather than the big church wedding," said Meagan.

If times are tough, and you want to get married or have a baby here are some words of advice before you take the plunge.

"A wedding takes at least 6 months to plan so differently think about the day don't do it in such a hurry that way you can save for your wedding that you've always dreamed of,"  said Meagan.

"Get an education, get you a good job and that way you'll be able to support you and your family without asking anybody for anything," said Matthew.

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