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Warning about shake and bake Meth

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - South Georgia drug agents have a warning tonight about a new kind of Meth lab. They say the labs are dangerous and people might stumble innocently on them.

It's called Shake and Bake, or one pot Meth. Makers use a plastic soda bottle, as the Meth lab. What worries Drug Agents, often they do the cooking and throw the old bottles and chemical residue away in the woods.  And if you get too close it could be deadly.

Lye, starter fluid, ammonia nitrate, ether, acetone, strips from lithium batteries and alcohol, just some of the chemicals and materials used to shake and bake Methamphetamine. Then they cook this dangerous mix in a flimsy plastic bottle.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said "They take the bottle and shake it to mix the ingredients inside. Then they will relieve the pressure inside. If they don't do that, that's when the expansion of the chemicals can cause the bottles to burst. Possibly getting a violent reaction. Blowing chemicals all over anybody standing around."

A shake and bake reaction can cause a violent flash fire.  One caused extensive damage to a trailer in Mississippi that Major Berry investigated in March. Drug agents say the crooks may cook these Meth labs in the woods, and then leave the bottles and waste behind. If you get too close and touch or even breath the residue, it could be deadly.

Berry said "All of this becomes a hazardous waste sight. Once this is mixed together and also becomes toxic. And we have to deal with it in special ways."

With hunting season coming on, drug agents want to warn South Georgians not to become a victim of a shake and bake Meth lab.

Major Berry says South Georgia Drug Agents have not found shake and bake Meth labs yet, but they suspect it is going on in the area, and is just a matter of time before they start finding these dangerous chemical piles.

Drug agents say if you come upon a pile of plastic bottles and other chemical containers, stay away from it, and call your local law enforcement.

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