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When Waves leave-what's next?

January 16, 2003

Albany Mayor Tommy Coleman says it is too early to know just what the future holds for minor league baseball in the city after the South Georgia Waves move to Evansville, Indiana next year.

 The city was in the process of restoring the Eames Complex Stadium in hopes of landing a minor league team when the Waves suddenly appeared on the city's doorstep last March.

 Even though the Waves are leaving, the city could continue with the final phase of the restoration plan by building a roof that would cover the seating areas at the ballpark. 

Once that is done, the city could then go out as originally planned and market the facility to prospective minor league teams looking for a new home.

Mayor Coleman says the local sales tax money allocated for the stadium overhang may be diverted other pressing projects.

Mayor Coleman said "This certainly puts a crimp in everybody's perception about whether it is a good thing or not.  I just have to wait and see.  We just to have to evaluate things as they move forward and see how much money is available.  It is not only the city that has input but also the county."

The Waves are still negotiating with the city for a lease agreement to play at the Eames Complex Stadium this year and maybe next summer if the Evansville stadium is not ready.

Last week the city gave the team an invoice for $28,500 for rent the Waves owe for the second half of last season.

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